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    STD Dating Apps For People With Herpes And Other STDs

    It's not easy living with an STD - especially if you're still relatively young and active in the dating scene. There's definitely a stigma attached to living with a disease, which may be just enough to prevent you making the effort because of the awkwardness of the situation. Fortunately there are some great dating apps specifically created for individuals living with Herpes and similar types of diseases - you don't have to live without someone special in your life anymore. With over 11 million matches, Luxy is one of the most successful dating apps for single and attractive millionaires. Matching singles on their ambition, success, and experiences, Luxy has quickly made a name for itself as one of the best apps for elite dating. Members must earn over $200k per year, with over 84% of members earning more than 1 million. Members can share photos, send virtual roses when chatting, and swipe the profiles of members they are interested in. Free accounts for lower-earning potentials are also available, but must be voted in by active users.

    B.T. (Before Tinder), dating sites specialized based on a desired level of commitment—a casual hook-up, an actual relationship, marriage. But the app caught on because it made it OK to not know exactly what you were seeking. Tinder says, ‘Do whatever the hell you want; we're just going to show you people who are nearby and likely to start talking to you,' ” says Dean. In that way, it mimics how people meet in real life.

    Niche dating apps target specific groups of people. For example, The League is a prototype dating app that is elitist” and only allows selected people to register, favouring those with advanced degrees and career-oriented young professionals. The concept behind The League is the idea that people tend to date people from their own social circles. The app only allows doctors and lawyers - or any other white collar” professional - to register as a primary selection process. Other niche dating apps market themselves as women-friendly” (like The Grade and Antidate ) and focus on shielding their female users from harassment by letting women make the first move or by getting rid of creepy” dates who do not use their real personal details.

    If you're more of a Rocky Road type than a vanilla, download Whiplr (free on iOS and Android ), an app for finding others based on sharing similar kinks and fetishes. The app is anonymous and private, and lets you select what types of play you're into (and what you want your partner to be into) before you start chatting. All content shared in the app can be deleted, so if you send a nude to someone, then decide, Eh, not so much,” you can delete it from their phone — well, as long as they didn't take a screen grab. You can pay for a monthly subscription if you start using Whiplr a lot, but its initial free search and chatting preferences are decently robust, including starting up to 10 chat sessions a day, browsing 100 profiles at a time, and swiping through 25 profiles a day.


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    If you're the type of person who likes vetting potential suitors before the first date, Hinge is the app for you. The app only serves up potential matches with whom you share mutual friends with on Facebook. There's even an ask” button, which allows users to send a quick message to mutual friends to ask if they think this mystery date would be a good match. And set up couldn't be easier, as there's no profile to fill out. Instead, users are asked questions about their Facebook friends, such as Who would be your boss one day?” and Who would adopt a stray puppy?” These answers lead to personality traits (like optimistic and comical) being added to your profile. Luckily, the traits are all positive—so you can keep those skeletons in the closet, for now.